Residential Audio/Video

We are passionate about audio and video,  we know how to "put it together to make it all work!!"


Now from your easy chair in your family room or theatre,  you can rent movies from a whole list of providers like Blockbuster, Netflix, and Hulu,  or watch and search for videos on You-Tube,  you can even have your own radio stations play your favorite kinds of music thru Pandora.   The content available through the internet is expanding every day.

From Home Theatres and speakers throughout the home, to providing sound outside on the deck and by the pool,  we know what works and what doesn't.   With the glutony of varioius audio and video products, many promising abilities that they do not deliver, our twenty-five years of installing and navigating through the technology gives us an advantage most companies do not have. 

We have seen over the years many manufacturers driving people to purchase products that either over time were not supported or became instantly obsolete after they were installed. Remember the wars between BETA and VHS,  or SuperAudio CD and CD, and HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.  We are your source to provide a path thru the endless fog of techology that is so confusing today.

We proudly install products from quality manufacturers like; Crestron, Niles, Bose, Marantz, Onkyo, Samsung, Panasonic, Da-Lite, JVC Professional,  RTI,  just to name a few;

Our services include;

-Home Theatre: Design and installation:  from audio video components, speakers to seating 

-Whole House Audio: The beauty of music wherever you want it, with hidden speakers, or speakers that look like rocks, or planters. 

-Customized Remote Controls-  Forget having to use four different remote controls to be able to watch tv or a movie.  We take away the complexity of the equipment, and make watching a movie or tv,  a push of a button.  Our finer remotes from RTI are customized with your channel color icons,  so you don't even have to know your channel number.

-Media servers and content managers-  Store all your photos, music and movies on one media server, with the ability to watch what you want where you want it at anytime

-Flat panel installation and setup

-Future proof wiring:  Prewiring for speed and connectivity in the home using Cat5E, Cat6, and Fiberoptic

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