Residential Automated Control Systems


Most people when they think of the "smart home"  think about systems that are too complex to operate,  but a good control system makes the operation of devices in your house easy and intuitive.

There are few companies that exceed in the area of control like Crestron does.  Many companies say they can control every product in the home,  but none do it as flawlessly as Crestron.  Many control companies use third party vendors to make the products they interface with, which creates lots of problems with compatability and stability. We proudly specify Crestron's products in our home automation, control and music systems.  Crestron has great control products like Prodigy, Adagio, and their large family of processors,  along with the best touchpanels from large to small,  from built into the wall to wireless.

Imagine coming home at the end of the day,  pressing one button as you come in the door,  and your alarm system turns off, a pathway of lights turn on , your window shades open or close,  and your favorite music begins to play.  That is the beauty and simplicity of Crestron,  and a well designed and programmed system.  Here at Cooper's we program all of our Crestron systems in house,  we do not use third party programmers,  so we have total control of the quality of our systems,  and have the ease of changing anything without having to hire a programmer to make necessary changes. 

Here is what we do:

-Lighting control

-Heating and A/C control

-Shade control

-Full control of music and video

-Security / survellance control

-Control of pool equipment and other devices in the home

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