Residential Phone/Communication Systems


Communication in a larger home can be frustrating.  Calling everyone down to dinner,  or finding out where someone is in the home can become a shouting match.

Intercom systems which provide music throughout the home are still available today,  but are being replaced by newer phone systems which allow expanded features without having uni-tasker wall intercom stations.

We utilize Panasonic and NEC phone systems,  with features that allow you to talk to some one at the front door or gate, or intercom a particular room, monitor a baby's room,  or do a general page everywhere .   We do all the custom programming and setup of the system to make it as easy as pressing a button to operate.

The newest systems also have simple voice mail integration, so each person in the home can have their own mailbox,  and the system can even call you to let you know someone left you a message,  or you can call into the system and get your messages if you would like.

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