Residential Security

Your home should be a place of comfort and security,  your piece of mind is important to us!


We strive to provide products that are easy to use,  and will provide the level of security you desire.  We do not design systems with a cookie-cutter plan,  each system is designed to meet your particular circumstances and lifestyle.  Some of the types of systems we install;

-Keypads and touchpanels with simplistic operation and control of your system

-Window and doors switches, wired and wireless,  detecting the opening of windows and doors

-Glass break sensors to detect an intruder forced entry

-Motion sensors

-Smoke and heat sensors for detection of fire

-Carbon Monoxide sensors/  Natural Gas, Propane sensors

-Low temperature/  Water leakage sensors

-Surveillance camera systems -  Our digital video recording systems record what is going on at your home,  and you can view your cameras from anywhere on your smartphone or computer

Remote Monitoring & Control


24-Hour monitoring 

-We are unlike the big name security companies, our 24 hour monitoring comes with NO long term contracts.  Our monitoring automatically renews every year, and if you have to move from your home,  let us know beforehand and we will give you a credit for any monitoring unused.  Most companies require at least a three to five year contract in monitoring, where even if you sell your home ,  you are still responsible for the fee.

-Our monitoring is on average $125 less than ADT and most of our competitors.

-We also service and can usually monitor most brands and systems.

-Our systems can use traditional phone lines, or cellular and IP based services

Anytime Access

New to our industry is the ability to control your home systems remotely from your smart phone, iPad, laptop or computer.  Image hitting an icon on your i-Phone, Blackberry or Droid and seeing what is going on at your house thru your networked cameras,  or being able to turn on and off your alarm system remotely.  Some systems we offer even have the ability to control your lights and even unlock your doors.  You could even get a email from your door lock,  so you know when the children are home, or unlock the door from your phone to allow service personnel to enter the home for cleaning or repairs.

Please feel free to contact us for more information